The Nose Knows!



Strawberries on a warm summer day, an ex-lover's cologne, the sidewalk after it rains...can you smell it? Our sense of smell and memory center are so intertwined that the images conjured by these words can immediately bring the fragrance to our noses so clearly that the scent washes over you. 


The simple explanation is that the human nose has hundreds of scent receptor cells bundled up high in the nose, close to the brain and it can detect at least a trillion  aromas. Further, each of those receptor cells is fine tuned to distinguish specific odors, encoded by your DNA. Ever wonder why you can distinguish a particular scent in a room but your hubby can't? This is why. The sense of smell and therefore appreciation of a particular fragrance is deeply personal.


But I can't smell anything!

The first rule of scent appreciation is trust. Trust yourself! Your scent receptors are there and with the exception of very rare cases, they work just fine.  Hooray for you! If you find that you can't appreciate fragrance, you just need to train yourself.  Fine tuning your sense of smell is just like anything else, it takes practice and focus. 


Scent Leads to Inspiration

When creating my very first collection for Glim + Glow, the Boyfriend Collection, my sense memory was vital in choosing each fragrance: Ex-Boyfriend, Mr. Right Now, + New Boyfriend. Ex-Boyfriend was created with a specific ex-boyfriend in mind. The relationship was sexy and complex and stayed with me long after it was over. Ex-Boyfriend has musky overtones of amber, sandalwood and amber. It's rich, full-bodied and sexy.