Who We Are


My grandmother's basement smelled of mildew. As a small child, I would chase my dogs (Sam + Sugar) down into her basement, perfumed by fungus and age.

There were jars upon jars of homemade canned foods, an undertaking born both of the necessity of providing for 12 kids and a love of cooking. That smell of mildew invaded my senses and years later whenever I come across it, sense memory comes roaring back and I'm immediately transported back to being a carefree three year old, with my dogs licking my face in the safety of my grandmother's basement.

Weird, right? Scent is a powerful thing and we're all connected by it. Scent memories are always visceral and some of our most cherished memories are made sweeter by the fragrance that comes to mind.

Our candles are handmade in small batches to provide even, consistent aroma. Our fragrances are designed to enhance the comfort your space without overwhelming the senses.

We use renewable American Soy Wax, premium, phthalate-free perfume and essential oils and lead-free, all cotton wicks. We use recycled glassware when possible.