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 We Believe In The Power of Fragrance to Transform

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Aroma is an invigorating, vibrant part of our lives and many of our favorite memories are made sweeter by the fragrance we connect with it. We love the feeling of anticipation as we light a candle to set the mood in our homes; and welcome the calm that washes over us as we finally get to relax with our candles.  We've crafted our fragrances so that they fill your space with aroma without overwhelming your senses, allowing you to be focused and present in the moment. 


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Our handmade candles are crafted in small batches to provide even, consistent aroma. We use renewable American Soy Wax, premium, phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils along with lead-free, all-cotton wicks. We use recycled glassware when possible. We've worked hard to eliminate all single-use plastic from our packaging. All of our packaging is recyclable. 



Created in 2021, The Giving Initiative is our way of giving back to our community. We create a new candle each month to benefit a different non-profit organization. A portion of the profits from the sale of each specialty candle goes directly to organizations making an impact in the world. See our current month's candle here. We hope that you'll consider purchasing one of these candles and supporting these worthy non-profits. 


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 For as long as I can remember, fragrance has been at the center of my life. My grandmother's basement smelled of mildew. As a small child, I would chase my dogs (Sam + Sugar) down into her basement, perfumed by fungus and age.

There were jars upon jars of homemade canned foods, an undertaking born both of the necessity of providing for 12 kids and a love of cooking. That smell of mildew invaded my senses. whenever I come across it, the memories come roaring back and I'm immediately transported back to being a carefree three-year-old, with my dogs licking my face in the safety of my grandmother's basement. 

Fast forward to years spent managing the beverage programs (wine, beer + spirits) in some of New York City's most prominent restaurants. On my days off, I would often find my peace by lighting candles to relax.  While I enjoyed the ritual of lighting candles, I was often less than satisfied with the mass-produced candles on the market. They either triggered an allergic reaction or were so overpowering that I could taste them (not great)! Eventually, I decided to make my own and Glim + Glow Home was born. 

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